Births, Deaths & Marriages

For centuries, Manchester Cathedral has helped those in its parish to mark the major events in their life. Below is information on marriages, civil partnerships, blessings, baptism and funerals. If you have any further questions or to book your service, please contact Canon Nigel Ashworth.

Life Events

Celebrating the gift of love in the life-long commitment of marriage is a great joy, and we welcome enquiries about marriage.

Anyone can get married in a Church of England Church, but it is easier to be married in a local parish church than in a Cathedral, for which there are stricter regulations. The stricter regulations for cathedrals mean that you will only be eligible to be married in the Cathedral if: 

-   You live in the Residual Parish of the Cathedral, or
-   You have been a regular worshipper at the Cathedral for at least six months and are a member of the Cathedral’s Community Roll.

Download our information pack to find out all you need to know about Marriages at Manchester Cathedral.

For further information email Canon Nigel Ashworth 


We also offer a service of Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage for couples who have married in a Registry Office or abroad, but wish to hold their commitment before God. 

For further information email Canon Nigel Ashworth  


We are a diverse and inclusive community and welcome everyone to our services and activities here. We are also particularly active in our support of members of the LGBTQ+ communities in Greater Manchester and beyond.

At present we are not permitted by law to marry people of the same sex as voted by the House of Bishops of the Church of England. 


Baptism or Christening is a sacrament in the Christian tradition that is traced back to Jesus himself being baptised in the river Jordan.

In baptism, parents thank God for his gift of life, publicly acknowledge his love, take the decision to start the child on the journey of faith and ask for the Church's support.

It is also possible to arrange a short service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child or a naming of a child service.

Download our information pack to find out all you need to know about Baptisms at Manchester Cathedral.

For further information email Canon Nigel Ashworth  


We take funerals and memorial services for members of our community, past and present. Sometimes we also host large funerals and memorial services for local and national dignitaries. Every one of these services is different and tailor-made for each individual in consultation with the family.

Please contact Canon Nigel Ashworth to talk about how to arrange a funeral or memorial service at the Cathedral.